Last night I watched a half-hour “film” with all the subtlety of a mondo movie mashed up with a sneaker ad. It was culturally insensitive, exploitative, and emotionally abusive. I can’t determine whether the filmmakers themselves are monstrously cynical or just astoundingly naive and narcissistic.  Whether they have an ulterior motive or not hardly matters.  Their stated agenda is clear enough—they want your money and your attention. It seems like they’re getting it too.  Their cause, just or not, is almost beside the point.  The video is truly epic in it’s inanity.  It is a glorified half-hour tweet with insanely high production value and merchandising tie-ins.  It is supposedly about Africa. Watch it and stop wondering at how wonderfully sophisticated we’ve become with media and communication.  Jump out your windows. The martians have landed.  War is peace.  Ignorance is strength.  KONY2012.